2011-Dec-28, Wednesday

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It strikes me as odd. We as humans seem to thrive on tragedy. The train wreck, the bus crash, the multi-car pile-up, the sports figure getting horrifically injured (again and again and again on the instant replay). We watch them with a grim determination and fascination. Psychologists have known about this for decades; humans have known about it for millennia. But then an odd similarity struck me. We, as humans, ALSO require a blood sacrifice of some sort for any sort of significant, meaningful, lasting change to our culture and our ways of life.

Could it be that at least part of the fascination we have is not 'just' to thrive on the idea that we're still alive, and that their blood isn't ours? Could it also be that we thrive on this, we watch it so closely, to try and potentially be a part of the Next Big Change that sweeps through us all? One never can tell as it happens that Yes, *THIS* thing is the 'Big One'. It's only in the aftermath that the change is visible. Some little trigger in the subconscious knowing that they 'should' bear witness because who can say what might come of this.

Just a thought.
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Pick one. Go for it! ;)


2011-Dec-28, Wednesday 09:54 pm
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Just checking out Dreamwidth.org based on a link from an LJ source that is supposed to allow for LJ archiving as well. A feature I'm desperate for now since the wonderful tool ljArchive doesn't seem to work any longer.


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