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So, I have been giving more thought to that idea of weaker alternate universes based on the validity/possibility of the choices breakouts. Don't ask why; questions are burden to others, answers a prison for oneself.

I thought about one universe breaking through to another (yes, this was inspired by Fringe again). If there are a near-infinite number of universes breaking apart with each decision point, each one could be rated with a relative rating of, say, 1 to 1000. The higher up the scale, the more set and firm the universe is. So, an experiment with tossing cows off a cliff scores a 1000 for universes that split off based on blood spatter patterns from the cows hitting the ground. The same experiment scores a 1 based on universes that split off for cows sprouting wings spontaneously and flying to safety.

Now, given how fragile and 'weak' a lower number universe is, I hypothesize that if a higher validity universe tries to break into a weaker one, that weaker universe just ... collapses. The imposition of order from the bleed-over is just more than the weaker universe can handle. The same with a weaker attempting to break over into a stronger. The collapse simply .... 'recycles' the matter and energy into the same void-pool that the universes spawn from. Thus, any universe will simply plow through any weaker universes until it finds a suitable one to connect to logistically, and stands a better than even chance of just blinking out for breaking the barriers. After all, each universe is likely to be unaware of any breakage of 'set' physical law; in that universe it would simply 'be' that way.
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