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seem to be pretty damn important indeed.

So, I'd been having more and more problems with my machine. I thought it had more to do with the BitDefender install I put in over the top of the AVG install. However, there had been some odd, flaky problems that had arisen from time to time, too, that just seemed very curious. Anyway, as part of an effort to test and verify some of the modular power supplies for implementation into the computers in client offices to avoid the delightful problems of hardware failure courtesy of shitty power supplies, I plugged in an OCZ 850 80+ Gold unit into the computer (finally) and got it hooked up fully and such (finally).

I had nothing but blue screens and other issues, not the least curious of which was that the system 'magically' re-recognized every drive and every USB device on my system. All this, after I had connected the power supply up. Seems that the other one, which wasn't all 'that' old to start with, had something going on in the background that was making it unhappy and taking the system with it.

Rebuilt the computer, and now I can OC my CPU to 3.7GHz fully stably and everything seems to be zipping right along. Definitely need to move forward with using modular, 80+ cert. power supplies in the future. I think we'd save ourselves a LOT of headaches and sustainability issues.


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