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2012-Mar-17, Saturday 08:49 pm
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I was watching the Up w/ Chris Hayes from last Saturday, finally. They were talking about the scariness of the social media avalanche of outrage that hit over the Komen Foundation and the Blunt Amendment and such. Chris made the statement that this might be overstating the realities of political 'will' based on the novelty/newness of this new type of activism and information being sent around. But I have to disagree with him, actually. It has been well-documented for decades that people are incredibly short-sighted, that we have such short attention spans regarding actual political changes and such. And one of the things cited, the ERA, took such a MASSIVE awareness campaign to alert people. And yet, now, we still don't have the ERA.

I think social media provides a more immediate solution to a lot of the enduring problems with the political infrastructure with this country. Shows such as Chris' and Rachel's and Ed's and Lawrence's also contribute to the 'reality' awareness in the field. It all helps to pull back the covers on various bills in Congress, exposing the truths about their titles that are actually exactly the opposite when you get into the nuts and bolts of the legislation.

At least now, with social media intervention we can get a decent amount of awareness out there BEFORE nightmare bits of legislation like the vaginal probe prior to any abortion bullshit happens. The OH/IN games played highlighted that there is already passed legislation like this in TX. No idea about that for just about anyone, prior to the social media driven awareness of the current push to get these things passed with the majorities won 2 years ago.

This is what ALEC is afraid of. This is where the Founders, in my mind, really envisioned us as being. With broader information and understanding, even if it's not necessarily 100% factual, of our current political situation and the antics of at least one party that LOVES to overreach and then eat their own dead, we can all truly start making informed decisions about how we'd like to be governed in this country.
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