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So. Steam is offering their part of the Fable franchise for 75% off. Right now it's $20 rather than $80. I recall 'someone' that I trust pretty well with gaming info saying that it's a great game, a great universe, and whatnot. The sale is only good for another 23 hours, so I'm going to throw it out there. Is Fable worth the purchase?
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Do your job! I beLIEVE in you!
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Or something. This is really getting old.
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So, this morning's dream is already starting to crumble, but the base info was that I was meeting my 'new slave' from some sort of referral. And who shows up? Robin Williams. He was nervous and tentative as he'd never done anything like this with a guy or as a heavy sub like this. Yet, when I got him stripped down, he was hard as a rock, and with a neoprene cockring already in place too. I started working with him immediately and he was slowly taking to it like a fish to water. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Hello subconscious, WTF???
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I loves me some Russell Davies. He truly has a visionary outlook on SciFi, and it's a wonderful mind that gives us so many wonderful twists and turns for Doctor Who and Torchwood. Now I'm watching Sarah Jane, and it's AWESOME that she got a new lease on fun and show, but WOW is this show built for tween girls. And thus there is a whole lot of zero-sense in this show as far as logic or reality. A kid who has the accumulated memories and knowledge of tens of thousands of people (kids and adults) is making simple faux pas in school? He can then look at a physical circuit diagram and determine that a computer control program is lacking critical formulae, when the code for the program is listed nowhere? Yeah. There's clearly a LOT of suspension here, and that's fine too. But it's turning out to be rather taxing indeed.

Oh, and Sarah Jane definitely does NOT do a 'good' villainous person of herself. Like, at all.
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There's Rev. Samuel Rodriguez on there, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, representing over 34K churches. He says that the conservative stance of needing to shrink the Fed. Government (namely the 10th Amendment bullshit that Retardicans have recently fallen head over heels in devoted adoration with) is good because "as the Fed. Government grows (and has already become too big), two things can't occupy the same space. The more the Fed. Gov't. grows, the family is decreasing." He also attributes 'some' as thinking that "somehow the bigger the government grows, some of our 'rights' are sacrificed on the Altar of Big Government." And then he goes on to blame 'uber-subsidization' as a reason why the family itself loses all semblance of mobility and personal responsibility. "The question is when is Government too big that it jeopardizes the vertical mobility of that family."

Because, you know, people LOVE and prefer to live in poverty and filth rather than try and lift themselves out. But hey! Now that everyone continues to slash and burn education funding, I'm sure that those kids that might possibly have been able to work hard for a good education, and actually try and move up even a bit will now be so grateful to read at a 3rd grade level and do math at a 4th grade, that they'll be thrilled to sit at home on their asses.

The inherent contradiction for this bullshit is never, ever apparent to these fucks, even when spelled out to them.

Sim Magic-Pony!

2011-Dec-01, Thursday 03:59 pm
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Ok, so on Steam, for $4.99 there's a game called Secret of the Magic Crystals. And it's a horse raising pseudo-sim type game. It looks insanely silly, and DEFINITELY geared for the 5-13YO girl market. If it ever goes on sale, though, I might just be tempted to pick it up anyway. Just for the sheer humor value. :)
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So, it turns out that recently there has been a firmware update that was forced down to specific CenturyLink (Qwest) DSL modems.

It has been known now for over 2 weeks. It kills access to Steam, access that was not requiring any special configurations nor goofy firewall rules to permit prior to the update. Post-update, Steam stops and Lord of the Rings Online stops. The tech was worthless; he just kept saying that they don't support 3rd party applications. Even when I turned off the firewall entirely (briefly only, of course; I don't trust any of you people THAT much :)), and it proved unequivocally that the problem was with the modem whereas prior there had been no issue, it was still "We don't support 3rd party apps."

It made me feel like I was back in the warm, nurturing bosom of Comcast/Xfinity again.

The biggest bonus of all though? I uninstalled Steam because I couldn't log in and it was failing to update itself, so I figured the failure might have been the source of the connection issue. Little did I realize that when you uninstall Steam, it erases EVERYTHING associated with your account, even tangentially. Meaning, all the screenshots and saves that hadn't been migrated to my microscopic 'cloud' account was lost. Thanks Valve! That's amazingly helpful. Sure I can see not wanting to allow access to games that might not be directly associated with an account, but even screenshots? Give me a break.
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Huh. It just dawned on me as I was watching last night's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell and the interview with Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty was yet again spewing how a successful businessman (in Mitt Romney, the guy Pawlenty is now supporting since he's dropped out of the race) makes a better candidate for President. But then, later in the interview, he goes on to say that Obamacare is bad for the country because he and Romney believe it should be up to the States to make decisions on how to best do their own healthcare plans. Leaving aside the fact that NONE of the other states had, prior to Romney, done jack or shit to reduce healthcare costs substantially, it just poses another reality-conundrum for the Retardican party. The single best way to cut costs and curtail expenditure for better delivery is through Economies of Scale. The more you put into it, the more you can get out of it. If each State does their 'own thing', then the insurance companies continue to reap even greater profits at our expense because of the smaller 'insurance pools' they artificially craft within their own company. If the Federal Government crafts a pool that contains, say, 80million+ citizens in one pool, the costs would go down SHARPLY for each person in that pool while still getting some substantial increases in coverage and care quality.

But hey. Most of the Retardicans don't understand how business 'works'. Just that they work, magically money comes into their pockets, and magically that's how the Government should be too. Cuz 'humans' like Newt and St. Reagan, and Armey say so.
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So, I'm watching this without the 'benefit' of 3D, as it finally came out on BD/DVD, and I don't have a 3D player or TV or whatnot. But WOW is this is a pile of shit flick. I guess I'm just spoiled now, entirely, with 'good' 3D. Hugo was AMAZING for the 3D; you stopped even thinking about it and it literally just became part of the flick. With this movie, though, there is obviously an effort being made to do the blade/spear-in-the-head crap. The crap that became so aggravating and annoying with far too much being done that way. So lame. But hey. With 'dialog' like this, and much of the 'acting' being equally atrocious, I guess any gimmick to try and make it a 'good' movie. Yes, Jason Momoa looks HAWT!!!! in his birthday suit after the gratuitous sex scene, but beyond that, I'm pretty unimpressed and uninspired.
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Wow! I had no idea the really real world was so much like MMORPG's. I play LotRO (free to play, baby!!) ;) In the game the auction hall is free to the players to set the initial ask price for anything. And for the Operation Overdrive Vol 5 DVD, for a used copy, runs anything from $13 to ..... nearly $120. Talk about absurd range!

Just so you don't think I'm making it up. ;)

Happy Turkey Day!!

2011-Nov-24, Thursday 11:05 am
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Well, at least to the American audience. :)
ssurgul: (Default) be preparing to sign up both my parents on the Disney Jr. website for their birthday wishes for next year? ;)

Stupid mid-day nap.

2011-Nov-22, Tuesday 12:21 am
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Now my sleep schedule is definitely, truly screwed up.
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But this caught my eye.

And then, I discovered what made this entire article bullshit to my mind.

"Speaking of their agreement to have an open marriage, the source added: 'Everyone in Hollywood knows about their arrangement, but they’ve managed to keep it a secret from the general public.'

Um, yeah. Right. Because Hollywood is just the hotbed of secret keepers. All it would take is one person, one, to feel jilted by either Ashton or Demi, and that'd be that. Give me a break.
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...can you kindly tell me something regarding your desktop gadgets? How, exactly, is the weather gadget reporting the high for the day at 45 and the current temp being '47'? I realize I'm not a Republican, so simple logic and math DOES factor into my daily life, but even this is kind of silly.
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So, it's officially official. Constance is, indeed, Upper Class Cunt of the Millennium. Jessica Lange plays her beautifully, but my fucking ghods, what a bitch!

This show is definitely one of my favorites of the year, and is definitely my favorite weekly horror story of all. Drama, horror, mindfuckery and rubber catsuits with hoods. It's all just sooooooooooooooooooooo disturbing.


2011-Nov-16, Wednesday 03:49 pm
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Oh, 'lil 30-30, now I have you all to myself! ;) I LOVE me some Amazon cheap used sales folk. Now I have 7 discs of Tech-Western silliness with semi-botic-pony hawtness to enjoy for .... well, for as long as I might find such things entertaining. ;)

Steam amusement

2011-Nov-15, Tuesday 06:43 pm
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Courtesy of the release of ES5: Skyrim, ES4: Oblivion is $5 right now on Steam. Too amusing.
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Someone posted this link on Facebook today: A message from an animal control officer.

A message from an animal control officer
Date: 2011-11-09, 10:23PM PST
Reply to: see below
Hello kids. I'm your friendly neighborhood Animal Control Officer, and I'd like to officially tell you all to bite my butt. Before I ride off into the sunset, however - here are some parting words...

1) To all the jackasses who ask me if I don't have something better to do than giving them a ticket for no license/dog off leash/being a douchebag. The answer is no. No, I have nothing better than to take my precious time and taxpayer dollars to write you a COMPLETELY LAME ticket for not doing what was your responsibility to do in the first place. I love nothing more than babysitting grown adults who seem incapable of wiping their own butt without law enforcement present. Thanks, dirtbags.

2) To all the jackasses who ask me why I'm not rounding up all the killer pitbulls. Where...WHERE!? Where are all the killer pitbulls that are roaming the streets and attacking your women and children. My god, the city should just issue you all SHOTGUNS to fend off these land sharks. In other news, THERE IS NO VICIOUS PITBULL EPIDEMIC. Let's all hold hands and say it together folks, the only epidemic is misinformation, ignorance and animal neglect. Thanks, please drive through to the second window and receive a punch in the face.

3) To all the jackasses who refuse to spay/neuter, or who think they're "breeders" because they put fido and fifi together and produced a litter of mongrels who will all likely end up in a barrel behind the shelter by the time they reach sexual maturity: Die. Diediediediedie. I wish to god that there was a mandatory spay/neuter law and that the penalty for breaking it was to be forced to spend a day working in the euthanasia room. Seriously. It's simple fucking math, people. Every dog or cat you carelessly add into this world takes away a home for a dog or cat that is already here. So breeding means have a good day, executioners! I hope the 50 bucks you made off that puppy sure feels good.

4) There is no goddamn thing as "No Kill". I hate to burst your collective bubble, but when you call and ask if our shelter is "no kill", don't treat me like a kitten murderer when I tell you NO. There are simply not enough resources or homes available to find every pet a home and that is NOT MY FAULT. Quite simply, there is no "dog whisperer" in the world who can save your eight year old Rottweiler that spent his entire life chained to a tree in your backyard. Sorry, buster - but this one's on you. And the places that claim to be "No Kill"? They simply send the unplaceable pets across the street to Animal Control who do the killing for them. WAKE UP. Until mandatory spay/neuter becomes law, killing is going to happen.

5)You know what's fun? Being told that I must "really hate dogs" because I'm an Animal Control Officer. Yessir. I put up with retards like you, the abysmally low pay, and this fabulously flattering uniform just so I can take all my bitterness out on your dog. That's also why I foster animals, paying for their care out of my own pocket and using up my precious little free time to do it. Yeah, that's it. Now how's about you shut your mouth and put a leash on your dog you hineyhole, so I don't have to peel him off the street later.

6) LEASHES, PEOPLE. They're not just for the "bad dogs". Quite frankly, dogs are carnivores - predators, if you will. When they see something furry and running fast, like a squirrel or a cat - they tend to chase after it. Next thing you know, I'm scooping up Scooby with a plastic bag...not fun. Or, how about the person who does not in fact, like dogs and has to be accosted by your poochie when they walk down the street? Or, what about the dog aggressive dog being walked safely and in control on a leash until your unleashed dog comes up and just wants to say "hi"? Dog fights are pretty ugly, and NO ONE seems to anticipate them until it's too late. So don't piss and moan when I give you a verbal warning for having your dog off leash...because that leads me to:

7) Your mouth will write you a ticket. Oh yeah, no kidding. I hate writing tickets. They're a pain in the butt. I have to deal with your melt down, then I have to go back to the office and write a report about it. Next, I have to show up in court because you want to contest the ticket, even though 60% of the time YOU NEVER SHOW UP YOU CHICKENSHIT BASTARDS. So, the deal is this - if you're nice and not eggregiously breaking the law, I'm probably just going to warn you and then go about my day. As soon as you break out the lip however, I'm breaking out the ticket book. Press hard, there's four copies.

In conclusion. I quit! Actually, you dipshits broke me a while back and it's been months of therapy before I could write this little missive. I still shudder when I see a pair of testicles on a dog though, so watch out.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 2694701850

Server rebuild 95%!

2011-Nov-14, Monday 02:16 pm
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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to have a server that can handle a few hundred picture conversions for thumbs/intermediate sizes without shutting down courtesy of overheating the mobo. Now to just figure out why it's not responding to requests on the DNS name internally or externally, despite having the same named/bind9/apache2 conf file used from when it worked perfectly.


2011-Nov-11, Friday 04:08 pm
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OMFG! I nabbed The Lost Skeleton of Kadavra from Netflix. And Holy Sheeet! this is hilarious! It's a played-straight send-up of all those bad, bad, bad, bad 50's sci-fi alien/horror/monster movies. And it's just so damn funny! And watching the special features makes it abundantly clear that this was intended. Anyone that is a fan of MST3K really should get this one too because ... well, there's no actual need for Crow and Servo. :)
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Picked up some cheap steak and some 'clearance' salmon. Cooked up the salmon in butter and lemon juice in a foil packet. Cooked the steak in a pan with sugar snap and snow peas with a good helping of GF soy sauce. Pretty damn good, really. Guess I'm getting over my dislike of 'most' fish.


2011-Nov-10, Thursday 06:22 pm
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*giggle* This is now released on BluRay. How ...... absurdly hilarious. ;)

It's just such a silly movie and production (yes, yes, the alien suits aren't bad at all, but WOW is it silly nonetheless) I can't believe they'd actually shift it over to BluRay for HD Silly Awesomeness! ;)

(no subject)

2011-Nov-07, Monday 10:02 am
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A highly entertaining look at some of the STUPIDEST and most legitimately unfair laws we have enacted, typically to 'save the Children!!!!!!'
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So even though it's completely backward since I theoretically got another hour of sleep last night, given how black it is already, at 8:31 (9:31) I'm already quite sleepy. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, since it will hopefully lead to a long, deep sleep tonight, but still. It's just odd. Living this far north REALLY kills daylight in a hurry. :)


2011-Nov-03, Thursday 09:27 pm
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I picked up Trainspotting on BluRay today because it was $7 at Best Buy.

Well, looking at the cover and then the IMDB, I came to realize that there were more than a few faces that went on to MANY great things later on. It was quite a delightful surprise. :)

BUT! I saw that Ewen McGregor was part of the cast, which only feeds the previous statement. But then, on his IMDB page, I found the costume that might have livened up Obi-Wan Kenobi's performance in the first three Star Wars flicks. ;) (Oh, Ewen, I had no idea you had such gay fashion sense. Head on over and we can test the rest of your personality-layers for more gayness. Especially in that outfit. ;) )
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When doing a computer cleaning that hasn't been done in months, it's important to remember that there is a LOT of dust that will aerosolize once again. It's critical that when you choose to try and catch much of it with a vacuum cleaner/shop vac thingy, that you choose one that isn't just going to spew the dust right out the back anyway because of a cheap ass design flaw. Otherwise, you'll be airing out the apt. all evening while it's chilly and rainy outside, so you can sleep at least vaguely uninterrupted.

MST3K: Devil Fish

2011-Oct-31, Monday 08:32 am
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Far too silly! And a heap of fun, as always.

I really want to find this on video myself, now, without the trio and seats. Not that I dislike them or the ep, in the slightest. But there's just all these cute guys in smooth rubber wetsuits to drool over. ;)


2011-Oct-31, Monday 08:27 am
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My car was broken into this weekend. My new bookcase (ok, just supplemental hardware for the existing DVD/BluRay case), my work bag of tools, various silly bits of electronics (an extension cord, two phone chargers) were taken. Oh, and my checkbook with 4 checks in it.

I'm changing account info now, and after all this is said and done, I definitely will want a few hours alone with these people who did this. Once upon a time, letting the punishment fit the crime was the law of the land. I just want to be sure that this little shit (or shits, as the case may be) will always think twice about stealing and impersonation in the future. And to do so, I'll just wear my work boots to the 'interview', and I'll liquify all the bones in the preferred hand via stomping. Somehow I doubt he'll ever want to do this shit again.
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Watching the latest American Horror Story just before needing to finish the homework is definitely high on the list. Not only because this show is sooooooo brain and soul twisting with every fucking frame. But not only that this is another episode with rubberman hawtness. Christ it's just soooooooo disturbing on every level. And having Zachary Quinto as one of the gay couple that has more problems than most of the couples I've seen, all put together, was definitely an interesting bonus.

Yeah. So if you're not already hooked on the soul-decay that is this show, I can't recommend it highly enough for a truly original horror story. And not just because of the occasional splatter effects, but because it's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creepy. Actual, real horror creepy.
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So, for those few of my friends/readers that haven't yet invested in either game, EA Games' online community tool, Origin, is offering the following shopping codes:

Crysis 2 is selling for $16
DragonAge 2 is selling for $8

with the following online coupon codes:

Crysis2 CRYSIS60
Dragon Age2 DRAGON60

Oh. And if you pre-order Mass Effect 3, it gives you a $20 online order coupon thingy. So, in effect, if you spend $64, you'll end up with ME3 when it releases, and Cry2 and DA2. That's a pretty damn good deal overall. Assuming you have the $64 of course.
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I recently purchased a pile of shit bookcase. No, no, it really is a big pile of crap. One that is BARELY holding together under normal circumstances. I bought it for a media storage system, though, so there's actually minimal danger. ANYWAY! I wrote to Sauder to try and get three more shelves for it, so I could actually maximize the storage capacity. New units come with three shelves, and having three more would mean the most DVD/BluRay on the shelves possible. New unit = $30 @ Target. 3 shelves with the hangers? ~$45. And 3 shelves, btw, represent about half of the meaningful hardware in the box. Hooray for capitalism and its continued lack of sense.
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Hrm. Steam is running this bad boy for 50% off until Monday morning. $14.99 Hrm. I really LOVED the first game, and this is a whole new game, not just an update to a better engine and such. Soooooooooooooooo tempting. I just wish there were a demo to be sure it's not a steaming pile of promise-unfulfilled.
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I noticed something on's site regarding one of their beds, one I've still got my eye on. Most people say it's firm, but very comfortable. Some say the bed is like a rock and they can't sleep on it at all. Ok, that makes sense. But then, some people said it was WAY too soft, and they were feeling smothered by it.


Is this a common phenomenon to have such radically disparate views of a truly empirical incident? I mean, putting my beloved politics aside for the time being, is this even that rational? I'm curiously musing because I found a pillow similarly constructed at, and the reviews are almost universally 'Great!', but there is one that says it's far too hard and he couldn't sleep accordingly, and then one that said it was like mush, offered no support and was worthless.
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of my views of politics lately.

"They started it; they set the agenda.
Why is it always down the victims to
do the right thing?!?"

That's from Being Human, Season 2 Ep 8. That is PRECISELY how I feel about the Retardicans and what they've done *to* us the past 30 years. Not only did they set the agenda, but they've been constantly ratcheting up pressure and the gamesmanship the last 15 years or so, even as they turn more and more of the American Dream into ash and diarrhea that they pour all over our heads, and demand we thank them for it lest we be Unpatriotic.
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but despite it having my fave comedian, Patton Oswalt, in it, I just can't stand King of Queens. Much of Patton's scenes are entertaining, but the drivel around it just make me want to drown myself. In tapioca pudding. Over 3 hours. It's just so badly, so painfully unfunny. The laugh track is bad, and the audience is worse.
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...from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

SSN06E09. Harry wants a room at the Inn at Solomon House (which is essentially just the crew renting out a spare room for a few days). I won't go into the why's; they're not nearly as important. But what IS important is that his breakfast request is PRECISELY the sort of crap we've all had to cope with through the years. "For breakfast I'd like a small glass of juice, of which ever type you're out of."

DirecTV amazingness!

2011-Oct-14, Friday 01:33 am
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So, down at Fry's, doing some non-affiliated shopping madness.

Saw nice lady from DirecTV. Have been looking around for a suitable solution to dump fucking Comcast/Xfinity, as not only are they Pure Fucking Evil, but I'm sick of paying for a dozen shopping channels that I'll never, ever watch, while being denied Current and other networks that hold at least some interest for me without paying another $10 monthly for them.

She laid out the plan, and took her time to make sure her spiel was correct. Kind of a waste for me, but it was literally her first day doing this so I was patient. Well. Turns out that with the shopping-at-Fry's and other discounts, they're going to offer the best 'regular' digital channel package for $25/month. Yes, that's the package that includes HD. And apparently it also includes the major premium channels for 3 months for free, and Showtime for 6 months for free.

Yes, $25/mo. So if you're able, and don't mind a dish type provider, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo totally worth heading down to Fry's and chatting with one of the helpful, nice folk. Oh. And after the year, the service reverts to a price that literally about the same as Comcast's but with more digital HD (1080p res, BTW) and more channels overall.
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Just a little something from a comment on Ed Schultz' website.

"The 1% live OFF of America !

The 99% live IN America !"
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Last night. VERY amusing and silly. ;) (Oh, and when it says uncensored what it really means is COMPLETELY NSFW.)

Nick Swardson's Pretend TimeWednesdays 10:30 / 9:30c
Uncensored - Alien Paternity Test
Lady Gaga's Brother: Garry GagaWheelchair CatNick Swardson on

Orcs Must Die!

2011-Oct-13, Thursday 10:45 am
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*giggle* This looks like an insanely, amusingly silly game that was apparently just released via Steam. Sorta Tower-Defensey, Over-Shoulder action (almost as though built on the Torchlight engine oddly enough), and Serious Sam/Dungeon Keeper all rolled into one. With a payday I will definitely have to ponder this game since it's only $14.99. :)

EDIT: I just played the three levels on the Demo. VERY amusingly silly. It's decided. Next week, I'll snag the game. ;)

Commercial abuse....

2011-Oct-11, Tuesday 03:54 pm
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....and incestuous cross-commercial rape?

Ok, so not quite that bad, but I'm curious about Xfinity/Comcast. More and more lately the cable channels like Comedy Central, SyFy and others have been having their commercials chopped up oddly. Such as the commercials starting late past the actual start of the feed, cutting off the end of the commercial. I know it's not the commercial because at other times, the commercials are intact on the same network. And yet, I've noticed that while the Comcast/Xfinity commercials may be pure garbage (see talk of the football feeds on HD for reference) they don't seem to be chopped up or altered in any way. Isn't that odd. The network that hosts all these commercials is butchering the actual PAYING customer base while keeping their own commercial spots, which are free for the network use (at least internally speaking; moving money from one GL column to another is a wash), intact. Huh. I wonder why their sponsors put up with this kind of shit.

From [ profile] chris_sawyer

2011-Oct-09, Sunday 03:30 am
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Ten years ago we had Bob Hope, Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash.

Now we have no Jobs, no Hope, and no Cash.


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