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So I've been amusing myself, in my spare moments, with tagging my tens of thousands of pictures. My collection has grown to the point where even the rigorous folder structure I use has become a detriment in many cases. So, I know that most photo formats support tagging, and Windows and other search tools support searching against the tags as well, so it makes sense. If I want to see some Brian Steele pics, I'd rather they were aggregated for me from the various suits I have pics of him in. ;)

However, one of the only handy ways I've found to tag multiple pics at once has been WLPG. And for a basic, free program, it's actually pretty good. It has some facial recognition built in, and so forth; pretty handy all around. Except when it's dealing with 10's of thousands of pics. It seems to be decidedly not-happy in that circumstance. And I'm quite sure I'm making it even less happy with things like my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pics. I've been doing facial recognition tagging on the various turtle heads. Yes, I'm doing it 'accurately', but I have to wonder if my antics are causing the gallery to break more often. After all, those suits look amazingly similar facially. Yes, yes, I know the suits were made individually and have slight variations and whatnot. But I somehow doubt that simplistic facial recognition tools will handle that correctly, and having 4 faces that look quite similar but are all tagged differently probably gives the software a minor stroke every time it gets to those directories. ;)

Fry's sale!!!!

2010-Jul-30, Friday 05:14 pm
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Oh, yes, for those that have one nearby....

Fry's is offering a Hitachi (I know, I know, not the greatest) 2TB 7200RPM HD for $109! It's a smokin' hot deal. The only drawback is that it's not a SATA3 connection, but since so very few boards even support it, I'm sure everyone that reads my blog will be able to use it as is.
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So, I know I posted before about the kewlness of Win7. I'm going to repeat myself: it freakin' rocks!

However, now, there's an even BETTER feature I just discovered courtesy of a lame-ass sales presentation for resellers of the product. There's now going to be a derivative tool put in place call XP Mode. It leverages Virtual PC 2007 and allows for 'true' compatibility between Win7 and XP apps by placing a licensed, SP3 install of XP for the system to use. They actually learned from VMWare and VirtualBox. It's a lesser miracle, but one that will make Win7 truly lightyears ahead of the older OS'es by no longer requiring compatibility at day one of launch, and all but denying functionality without that compatibility. I need to check if it'll work with the games for XP and such, but still, it's about fucking time they wised up and gave the consumers something to actually use.


2009-Sep-12, Saturday 12:32 pm
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From MaxPC this month, in the "8 computing laws you've probably never heard of" column (p. 14):

Law 3: The Mythical Man-Month -- Adding more programmers to an already-late project will only make it later.
Law 2: Page's Law -- Software gets twice as slow every 18 months.

Windows 7 Trial

2009-Jun-13, Saturday 07:48 am
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Wow. So, it's not quite ready for prime time, but they definitely took Vista and fixed it, much like XP fixed 2000. VERY interesting changes. And yes, for your Mac fanatics out there, they seem to have liberally pilfered Mac's innovations, yet again, and claimed them as their own. But still, more and more imrpovements on the Windows experience. I'm actually looking forward to when I can move from the primary Vista install I have ( so I can learn it to support it for clients) to a Win7 install.
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I just did a quick test and found the following.

Ubuntu since Hard Heron (8.04) has had the option of creating a bootable USB drive within the OS for any bootable CD/DVD/floppy image. Now, using that with an Ubuntu install image on a USB drive that's larger than 1GB allows you to set aside any portion of the remaining space for extra documents and whatnot. Meaning that the drive has a bootable OS that allows for changes. This is awesome unto itself, sure. But I also discovered that the 'Generic USB SD Card reader' toy I can use for the microSD cards for my phone also handles the bootability properly.

Now to verify that documents are indeed saved, and to check to see whether, on the incredibly off chance, the system will actually retain proper updates to itself as well, as in programs added and libraries updated and the like.


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