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2012-Jan-16, Monday 04:47 pm
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Just a little thought, for a possible plot idea.

Quantum mechanics 'tells' us that for every choice that is made, parallel universes split off at each decision point that constitute the 'what-if' of the other choice being made. But there was another little example I read about wherein that wasn't quite what was said regarding QM. QM 'actually' says that if there are test results being taken, and they are essentially a 50/50 shot, then the universe splits because if one is equally valid to the other, there MUST be universe where that option is the result. That, to me, seems to indicate that much like Occam's Razor, the choices have to be equally weighted. Like whether to wear the green, blue, red, purple or black tie. With a white shirt and a black suit, they're equally weighted. With a coral shirt, and a tan suit, a couple of these ties are FAR less likely to be chosen.

Now, what if there ARE universes that break off from each other, based on the choices, as the pop culture indicated. But instead of them being equal, they, like the choices, are ... weighted. In some the reality of that universe is substantially lighter. The rules aren't as fixed. Reality is different in subtle and major ways, but because there's not nearly the amount of ..... ummmmm 'reality' invested in it, it can also implode when pushed too far.

Watching Devil

2011-Jul-08, Friday 12:07 am
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So, I'm watching the Night sponsored flick Devil. And I was struck with the absolute absurdity of the premise. Why would the Devil, when he has essentially the rest of time to torment souls, care enough to come to Earth and torment souls when alive as 'punishment'? It's not his punishment, even the Biblethumpers agree to that. God punishes by sending unworthy souls to Hell. So why would the Devil really give a shit?

But then that sparked a very intriguing notion for a story. Ideally one by Neil Gaiman, of course, in comic form or something equally delightful. Anyway. The Devil has a lot more to gain by keeping the Unworthy on Earth. Sure, there's always the chance for repentance for the soul. But realistically, odds are tremendous that an Unworthy Soul is going to remain unworthy for many years to come. So, it seems quite logical that the Devil would even invest in truly high quality medical care. Keep the Unworthy alive longer to test and break others' faith, to recruit through example and action without even being conscious of the act. An army of highly healthy criminals destroying regular folks' faith and lives through their own selfish acts and such. It would make a wonderful investment for Lucifer and an incredibly ironic publicity stunt for investors. ;)

EDIT: Just finished the movie, and tried to watch some making-of stuff and the good BTS info. Apparently this studio released a special edition rental version for Netflix (and probably RedBox/etc.). This one doesn't have any of those features. Only the main feature is given. You've got to go buy it to get all the extras. Christ, first it's copy protection and now it's this? What's next, DVD/BluRays that stop halfway through requiring you to rent the second half of the main feature because that's the new secret catch in their contracts?? Assholes.


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