Overclocking milestone

2008-Dec-13, Saturday 10:26 pm
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I know, I know, it's silly and utterly pointless. Tonight, while rebooting yet again, I achieved my first O/C milestone of needing to boost system voltage to make it stable under an overclock load. Thank goodness I finally got around to installing the Zalman 9700 Ultra Quiet Cooling system I got months ago at a local computer store closeout sale. Even overclocked, the software monitor reads that the CPU temp is running at 12C. It's so silly it makes me giggle.

EDIT: Oh, yes, it's also very, very amusing to have a system that I now have to take it on faith that the BIOS load happened correctly. My monitor doesn't even have time to react and shift from a red to blue light to indicate there was activity before the GRUB menu pops up. I LOVE it. ;)
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So, I posted previously about my frustration with having a lot of code not compatible with the AMD64 architecture, and thus not being able to easily move to a 64-bit platform in Linux/BSD lands. I was trolling around for a completely 'other' reason on some of the Ubuntu install boards, and found this happy little switch:


Seems that little add-on to either apt-get or dpkg disables the architecture check, and will happily install a 32-bit program set into a 64-bit architecture. No need to build a virtual machine solely to run some of the programs any longer. Seems that Ubuntu, like Vista and XP, manages 32-bit code right alongside the 64-bit internally, and sets up separate install bases for them. Handy, but frustrating that it's only now that I found it.
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I just did a quick test and found the following.

Ubuntu since Hard Heron (8.04) has had the option of creating a bootable USB drive within the OS for any bootable CD/DVD/floppy image. Now, using that with an Ubuntu install image on a USB drive that's larger than 1GB allows you to set aside any portion of the remaining space for extra documents and whatnot. Meaning that the drive has a bootable OS that allows for changes. This is awesome unto itself, sure. But I also discovered that the 'Generic USB SD Card reader' toy I can use for the microSD cards for my phone also handles the bootability properly.

Now to verify that documents are indeed saved, and to check to see whether, on the incredibly off chance, the system will actually retain proper updates to itself as well, as in programs added and libraries updated and the like.

DNS woes resolved!

2008-Jun-08, Sunday 10:55 pm
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Feel the power ..... of Attorney!!

So I finally figured out what seemed to be the issue of my domain no longer responding nor seeming to be registered ANYwhere on the 'nets. Turns out it's relatively important to make sure you keep a valid host name in the zone record for the outside world. If the SOA line doesn't have such a valid host name, curiously no server will really know where to look for the rest of the record, including the machine it's all hosted on. So, problem solved, weeks of frustration resolved though displeasurably so as this was a simple fucking thing to work on, and resolve, and apparently to overlook as well. Now to just get Courier completely configured as the MTA of choice on this bad boy, with the MySQL interface as well, so I can get my receipt of mail working properly again, and then the webmail interface working and I'll be done with the server.

Well, once the fix for Samba 3.0.28a's little problems rolls out, and I'll be able to actually use the 'force-user' and 'force-group' options properly again in the configure file.


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