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2009-Sep-22, Tuesday 11:15 am
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OS X Leopard.

I finally got it up and running properly and wholly in a VMWare Workstation install. I followed the rather simple instructions available here: . You'll need an ID on the board there if you want the pictures and such to show up, as well as to download the PDF files, which are necessary to get this working. However, when it's working, it's awesome that you can get OSX to run on a Windows box. It doesn't support Snowleopard yet, tragically, but at least you can get the previous version working.
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Looking for more (suit) actors to highlight in said collection, I happened across several actors that have been in several movies with other hawt suit actors, or on their own, that then went on to do ... adult entertainment. It's hard to tell from IMDB whether they were hardcore adult, or the softcore yawn fests. But I still find it abundantly entertaining that they did those flicks regardless.

Pan's Labyrinth

2009-Jun-04, Thursday 12:07 am
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Well, that's annoying. I got a copy of Invelos' DVD Profiler, so I could track all my DVD library info, and potentially download the list to my PDA phone, so I wouldn't double-buy or lose track of movies that had been loaned to friends/family.

Yet, as I'm going through, trying to tag and highlight certain discs for certain (suit) actors, I realized that my 2 disc copy of Pan's Labyrinth never got added to the list, nor is it in the stacks with my other movies. Huh. Looks like my solutions came too late to salvage that 2 disc set. Tragic. Well, that's now top of my list to replace.


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