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So, day before yesterday's visit to the vet, yet again, gave me some rather disturbing possibilities as to why Lamba chose and called me to the Humane Society the days I was there.

One of the things that never 'fully' healed from his first volley of antibiotics was an irritation between his paws. I figured it was nothing but new-home jitters still, and didn't worry much about it, until he started chewing particular ones to the point they were seeping some blood, and hairless. He did the same thing on the underside of his tail, the backs of his thighs, and a couple of places on his front legs. This was definitely a cause for concern, so back to the vet we went. In an effort to track this down, the Dr. did a few tests, none of which I'm sure were pleasant. She put him back on antibiotics (the same ones as before, since they worked) and suggested I get wet wipes of some sort for between his paws, after the walks. Well, after a few walks with him already, his front paws have cleared up considerably, far too much for the antibiotics to be knocking things out yet.

It looks like my dog may well be allergic to grass, as a contact allergan. And his diet may well also be causing him some problems, such as a wheat or corn allergan. No, I'm not making this up, several folks at PetCo, as well as the vet tech and the vet herself all said it could well be these things. So, one way or another, he seems to have called me to be his caretaker because of my own allergy problems which are the same (except for the corn). How very not funny that really is. But at least now I can be relatively safe in making him homemade biscuits and treats with the general purpose flour I buy to myself anyway.

My freakish dog

2009-Mar-05, Thursday 07:31 pm
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So, yesterday on our walk, it came to my attention that my dog is also clearly a masochist. No, not because he wants to set his shoulders and 'run' when we're walking home, and he hits the end of his leash. No, not because he persists in trying to find new ways to get crap down from surfaces above his head. Not even because he literally tried to jump, with nothing around, up into a tree to continue chasing his new squirrel 'friend' that had flitted through various branches and now was nowhere in sight.

No, he proved himself to be a masochist because he's decided that he LOVES those little burr balls that a tree drops. I can't for the life of me remember what tree, but whenever he finds them, he MUST HAVE THEM. Or so it seems. Anyway. Yesterday, he managed to find a fallen branch that was still rife with them. He loves to chew fallen wood as it is, even with pine needles and/or cones still attached. I know, right? Already, heaping spoonfuls of *ouch!* to be had. But he doesn't seem to mind, so whatever. But now, with this branch, he shook loose more than a dozen of the balls, and then chewed up the branch and tried to attack each of the burr balls separately. Each time he did, he'd paw at it, 'chase' it, grab it in his muzzle, and then either shake it and drop it or immediately drop it and start the cycle again.

I knew he was a BDSM-fetish pooch from the get-go, but this is a little silly, even for a goofball puppy....
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The last few days have seen marked improvements for Lamba. His staph infection is almost gone, his upset stomach seemed to be caused by a combination of the antibiotics and the rope toys that he was oblivating and then eating, and his energy levels & curiosity levels have returned to what one would expect from an 8 month old puppy. *sigh*

Well, overnight there was a light snowfall that stuck on the non-road areas. After a little accident in the apt. caused totally by me tragically, we went for a walk in the field behind the apartment. And my ghod, talk about giving catnip to a kitten. He decided it was DEFINITELY time to play keep-away with muzzles of snow. And that first time he tried, I'm not sure the field will recover very quickly from the 2' X 2' area of devastation where he grabbed for the snow, missed, and took a header into the ground, and then attacked it. ;) But really, what's more amusing than a dog that thinks that his keep-away with snow is going to last more than 2 seconds? ;)

Overall things are going great. I'm thrilled I got him, despite this week of turbulence. Now to just work with him for the next month or two on obedience and figuring out what foods he does eat, and what treats work especially well for training purposes.

P.S. Oh! Before I forget, Lamba also has his own email now as well. just in case any fans want to send him XXX pics. Remember, he's got a foot/shoe/boot and a WS fetish alive and strong. :)


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