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2011-Dec-25, Sunday 10:50 am
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"Dangerous at both ends and .... crafty in the middle!"
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Repo! The Genetic Opera turned out to be AMAZING. I wasn't really sure what the point of plot of the movie was. But having seen it, it's a terrific little goth opera. Loads of fun, and Anthony Stewart Head is AMAZING as ... well, as his character. Watch it to see what I mean. And as one little scene spoiler, it's just hilarious to watch him work the mouth of one of the repo victims. From the inside. ;)

Definitely a 5 star flick.

And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery.
And the Zydrate gun goes somewhere against your anatomy.
And when the gun goes off, it sparks and you're ready for surgery. Surgery.

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2008-Mar-15, Saturday 09:01 am
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Haven't seen this link floating around yet, so...

'Watchmen' costumes revealed .. And WOW are they looking awesome! Here's hoping there's a good adaptation and acting to go along with the exceedingly pleasing suits.

Review: The Bank Job

2008-Mar-14, Friday 10:14 pm
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Wow. It definitely had the feel of a British film, start to finish. Particularly with the pacing. But overall, it was just a three locomotive train wreck all building and coming together, and when it finally did.... Damn. From the cooking fire to the fires of Perdition, in 20 easy minutes. And the salvation was beyond awesome. Definitely worth much of the praise it's getting.

No Country For Old Men

2008-Jan-17, Thursday 09:46 pm
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I really enjoyed it, because of and despite what some critics said.

The lack of soundtrack, while diametrically opposite to, really reminded me a LOT of Brokeback Mountain. It was crafted in much the same way, cinematically. Very straightforward, very dry. And just insanely enjoyable as you watch with the fascination of a trainwreck. An offing at a time trainwreck. Tommy Lee was just magnificent, but then, I was hard pressed to find any performance I didn't like other than the mother-in-law's. She seemed just far too stereotypical there. And needlessly annoying. But beyond her, everyone just did an amazing, bang-up job.

Highly recommended if you enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth, for the reality of the violence and such, not for the fantasy aspects. Other than some of the barely masked philosophy, there's really no fantasy at all in this movie.

From "Blades of Glory"

2008-Jan-05, Saturday 01:29 pm
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God grant me the serenity to not have sex with my friend's girlfriend, the courage to go home tonight without having sex with my friend's girlfriend, and the wisdom to walk away from my friend's smokin' hot girlfriend. Amen.

--A Sex Addict's Prayer

December 21st.

2007-Dec-13, Thursday 09:59 am
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Opening night for Sweeney.

And holy fuck does this promise to be THE adaptation for a new generation. Not only does Johnny look entirely creepy and insane with grief and hate, but Helena looks just AMAZING as Mrs. Lovett. Damn, now I'm all giddy.

Never forget. Never forgive.


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