Star Wars: Clone Wars

2011-Dec-26, Monday 06:31 pm
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So I'm finally watching this series courtesy of Netflix. And yes, part of the reason is the clone troops and their delicious armor. ;)

But I do have a serious question here. Is any of this meant to be canon in the SW universe? Seriously. Because I'm remembering in A New Hope where Kenobi said that he couldn't remember owning a droid, and yet, he's INSANELY chummy with both 3PO and R2 in all these episodes. And given everything that's happening, one REALLY has to wonder how a Jedi Master could forget such things.
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I just called in with these, but I wanted to track them for posterity too.

1> Working harder on getting the secondary discs for multi-disc set options, for the special features/making of's.

2> Putting the availble and hopefully obtained special features onto the Instant Viewing capability as well.

3> Having a field added to the title tracking database to track when you own a title, in addition to the rating. This will then prevent these movies from coming up in the suggestion queue because you can watch that movie any old time you want.

4> Putting a last shipped date field in the title detail pages and on the queue page, so you don't get surprises if you forgot you checked out that video recently but the title was similar to another and you didn't make the connection.

5> Changing the rating system slightly to track the ratings but also to allow the 'Not Interested' option as a separate data point. (If you see a movie in the theaters, you can rate it on Netflix so you can track that info, and then tell the system that you don't want to be bothered with that title ever again because it was so awful.)

Upright Citizen's Brigade

2007-Nov-28, Wednesday 07:34 pm
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Oh, double Hooray!!  Netflix has at least the first season of UCB on DVD for checkout.  I'm SOOOOO there!  ;)


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