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So, I know I posted before about the kewlness of Win7. I'm going to repeat myself: it freakin' rocks!

However, now, there's an even BETTER feature I just discovered courtesy of a lame-ass sales presentation for resellers of the product. There's now going to be a derivative tool put in place call XP Mode. It leverages Virtual PC 2007 and allows for 'true' compatibility between Win7 and XP apps by placing a licensed, SP3 install of XP for the system to use. They actually learned from VMWare and VirtualBox. It's a lesser miracle, but one that will make Win7 truly lightyears ahead of the older OS'es by no longer requiring compatibility at day one of launch, and all but denying functionality without that compatibility. I need to check if it'll work with the games for XP and such, but still, it's about fucking time they wised up and gave the consumers something to actually use.

Windows 7 Trial

2009-Jun-13, Saturday 07:48 am
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Wow. So, it's not quite ready for prime time, but they definitely took Vista and fixed it, much like XP fixed 2000. VERY interesting changes. And yes, for your Mac fanatics out there, they seem to have liberally pilfered Mac's innovations, yet again, and claimed them as their own. But still, more and more imrpovements on the Windows experience. I'm actually looking forward to when I can move from the primary Vista install I have ( so I can learn it to support it for clients) to a Win7 install.


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