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I can't believe it.

Cong. Phil Roe(?) tonight kept harping on the notion of Families have to Balance Their Budget and Live Within Their Means. And he kept shoving that his family did that. And his state, when he was Governor Balance Their Budget. But then at the end of one of his tirades he stated that the Congress of the US proved it couldn't live within its means. And Lawrence and Cong. Anthony Weiner let that go!!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we have a surplus in our coffers at the end of Clinton's 2nd term? And wasn't that surplus entirely flushed right down the toilet by BushCo, giving the vast majority of it and sooooooooooooooo much more to the top 2% of the country, when the Middle Classes were also footing a pretty healthy chunk of the 'overpayment' that the Government was receiving?

I know Retardicans LOVE to rewrite history, but I never thought I'd see such a flagrant effort toward such a rewrite done on a Liberal Media station's political show like this. It's amazing. (I'm actually even more amazed that Lawrence didn't jump down the guy's throat for that lie.)
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Or at least their parent company does.

This has all the earmarks of that insult to freedom of information that the Internal Security Report scandal had back in 2009, when DHS published the report that said that radical conservative group membership was growing and might even boil over because of the election of a black President. The Republicans were just OUTRAGED (big shock there), and demanded it be apologized for and rescinded. And of course, Democrats (being total pussies) did just that. Of course, that report turned out to be dead on.

Now here we are. NewsCorp drops USD1Mil into the Republican Governor Committee. This after the President and various other news persons and journals all claimed that Fox News was neither Fair nor Balanced, nor was it even News. Of course, THAT claim (as well as the Administration trying to bar them from any news events) caused massive outcry, both from Republicans and from other news sources. Only now, it's turning out to be so flawlessly clear that even the whiny Retardicans can't hide the lie any longer: Fox News is just the clarion call for the Retardican Party.

The Independents of the country need to fucking evolve. If we all stood up to this bullying and lie machine, both in FNC and in Congress, we'd finally Get Shit Done. And it wouldn't be watered down Shit trying to curry that ever elusive Retardican vote. It would be good, solid legislation designed to move us forward, not keep us in Anything Goes Wild West ideology.


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