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2009-Mar-05, Thursday 07:31 pm
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So, yesterday on our walk, it came to my attention that my dog is also clearly a masochist. No, not because he wants to set his shoulders and 'run' when we're walking home, and he hits the end of his leash. No, not because he persists in trying to find new ways to get crap down from surfaces above his head. Not even because he literally tried to jump, with nothing around, up into a tree to continue chasing his new squirrel 'friend' that had flitted through various branches and now was nowhere in sight.

No, he proved himself to be a masochist because he's decided that he LOVES those little burr balls that a tree drops. I can't for the life of me remember what tree, but whenever he finds them, he MUST HAVE THEM. Or so it seems. Anyway. Yesterday, he managed to find a fallen branch that was still rife with them. He loves to chew fallen wood as it is, even with pine needles and/or cones still attached. I know, right? Already, heaping spoonfuls of *ouch!* to be had. But he doesn't seem to mind, so whatever. But now, with this branch, he shook loose more than a dozen of the balls, and then chewed up the branch and tried to attack each of the burr balls separately. Each time he did, he'd paw at it, 'chase' it, grab it in his muzzle, and then either shake it and drop it or immediately drop it and start the cycle again.

I knew he was a BDSM-fetish pooch from the get-go, but this is a little silly, even for a goofball puppy....
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