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Wow. So I'm trying a new homeopathic relaxation/destress combo pill from Fred Meyer, and it seems to work well at knocking me very far out, and making me feel .... odd in the mornings. But, this morning it was far worse. And that compounded by having a VERY bizarre dream of a cheetah. No, not a furry cheetah, an actual cheetah cub. A cheetah cub that the zoo/animal park that I lived right next to (somehow!) would actually allow normal folk to 'rent' for the weekend, to take care of, train and general spend time with. A very affectionate little kittycat, to be sure, and very, very cute for all its floofiness, but WTF!


2008-Jan-10, Thursday 05:48 am
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Well, that's annoyingly bizarre.

I'm using SparkPeople to work out a diet and exercise routine. One of the things they 'suggest' (read: require) is that you have your 8 cups of water per day. Well, I'm doing that again and in conjunction with the antidepressant, it seems my body feels comfortable enough to let me actively remember and be involved with dreams again.

So this morning sometime, I had a dream that I was working at a wild animal park. They had a tiger den/cage that was closed and the tigers were off in some other zoo, for ... something, it was never really clear what. So, I decided to wake up very early one day, and take BJ and some other German Shepard that was mine as well, in and let them romp around in the enclosure. No idea why, but WOW did it spark off a major issue at the park.

So bizarre, on so many levels.


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