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2009-Jun-11, Thursday 11:22 am
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MMMmmmm, wheat free soy sauce makes almost every type of leftover that much tastier. :)


2009-Mar-15, Sunday 09:08 pm
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So, tonight at the one-off-the-regularly scheduled role playing night, I offered to make gluten-free pizza for everyone because I was craving it in a big, bad way.

I made two meat lovers pizzas (pepperoni, mild italian sausage, black forest ham, bacon) with extra cheese (4 cheese blend bags from Winco), and two veggie lovers (red and white onion, fresh garlic clove slices, green bell pepper, tomato, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives). The second of each type also had a pesto (8 cloves of garlic, handful of basil, 2/3 handful each of sage and oregano, 1/2 handful of taragon, about 2/3 cup of parmesan cheese, about 2/3 cup of pistachio kernels ((roasted and salted)), blended up with about 4Tbs of olive oil) layer under the regular pizza sauce (2 cans tomato sauce, 2 small cans of tomato paste, 5 Tbs of pre-crushed garlic, about 1/4 cup freeze dried basil left to recombine in the refrigerator about 4 days before serving).

Yeah, those second pizzas, with the pesto, were amazingly flavorful and tasty and garlicky. Damn, that's what Italian food is all about.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Popcorn. Naturally buttered. Popped in light oil. DELICIOUS.

Chili con DEATH!

2008-Jan-03, Thursday 11:12 am
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2lbs of good, lean steak, cubed
1 lg white onion, chopped coarsely
7 pieces of a full clove of garlic, chopped coarsely
chili powder
ground cumin
3tbs red wine vineager
1tbs butter
kosher salt
5 cans tomato sauce
tomato juice
1/3lb black eyed peas/beans
1/3lb pinto beans
1/3lb black beans
1/3lb small red beans
1 can corn

Soak beans overnight or with Alton's patented quick soak, drain well.

Lightly sweat onion and garlic with light sprinkling of salt;
Season beef liberally with cumin, chili powder and salt then add to garlic and onion pan to brown lightly;
Fill half of large crock pot with tomato sauce, beans, corn;
Add beef, onion and garlic to crock pot, filling to rim with tomato juice;
Add extra cumin, and chili powder as well as red wine vineagar to sauce for extra flavor;
Cook on high 6 hours.

And I'll let you know if it's awesome or crap later tonight. :)


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