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My, my, my, my. That's truly hilarious. The key point of this stepping aside from Palin's speech was that it's "Politics as Usual" for a lame duck governor to waste tax payer dollars and time by running around the country and doing whatever they wanted rather than focussing on running the state. So, even though she was going to not seek reelection after this term, somehow she's so weak willed that she would be entirely unable to focus on running her state, completing her commitment to Alaskans, and NOT running around like she has been for the last 8 months anyway?

WOW! And when this is brought up to her in upcoming reviews of her insanities, you can BET it'll be all about a mean-spirited, liberal-biased moderator that just didn't understand what she was trying to say and taking her words all out of context.

Yay for 'Pubs!! You've finally helped to give the country back to the people after all! I owe you a beer, a special beer, served straight from the tap of one of the Budweiser draft horses.

Palin steps aside!

2009-Jul-03, Friday 12:38 pm
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Too bad you really weren't wired to actually handle 'real' scrutiny and pressure, and that your racist and fundy platitudes and games were worthy of AK, maybe, but definitely not the country.

Please don't let the national stage door hit your big ass on the way out. We've got enough Palin-stains to wipe clean out of America as it is.
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This is quite graphic and gruesome, so don't watch if you've just eaten or whatnot. Jesus. Totally oblivious to her surroundings. Well, at least her vapidness carried back home to Wasilla.


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