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2011-Mar-19, Saturday 11:14 am
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Seems that for whatever reason some of the batches o' rope became less cohesive. Like the green batch of 10yd rope, the thinner 6mm 15yd batches kind of fell apart somewhat. But I found 'a' solution to that in the form of reweaving/rewinding the rope. It's insanely time consuming, and the rope turns out a lot stiffer than I was hoping for but it's definitely more durable this way. Going to have to rewash it once the reweave is done, and see if that coupled with another pulling across the metal bar will soften it up appropriately.


2011-Feb-26, Saturday 02:10 pm
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So, the two 15yd lengths of rope seem to have come through the conditioning process relatively in tact.

The two 10yd lengths I'm working on dyeing now are literally falling apart before my eyes. It's like one of the three strands in the rope itself is just losing cohesion every time I do anything with the rope. It's the same batch as what I used for the 15's, cut from the same 50yd length, in fact.

The only difference seems to have been that I used some garden twine stuff to keep the rope coiled up both for the preliminary wash, and during the boil. Also, rather than 'just' simmering it along, I cooked the rope at a higher heat (to a rolling boil in fact for a couple of hours), which also might have impacted things.

Now that the 6mm 50yd length has arrived, I'll have to try and cook it loose, and do the mid-to-low temp cooking for longer, to see if that maintains more fiber integrity or not. And I may also give up on the dying strand in the two 10's and just unravel them entirely and try and reweave them into a 10yd 4 strand rope instead. That'd be nifty. :)


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