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Robocopy: an actually useful *gasp* tool built into Windows Vista/7 for copying/mirroring files and/or directories. With the /dcopy:T flag used, it copies the files with the original date/time stamps as well. and

Creating a RAMDisk to hold various temp/cache files. (Not as useful as when I finally get the mega-computer together of a Core i7 on the 2011 platform, with up to 64GB of RAM, but even at 16GB a 4GB RAMDrive will help somewhat.)


Recreate at bootup:

Moving Firefox Temporary Internet files:

Finding the hard drive slaughtering process. How to determine which process(es) are filling up your hard drive queue with requests and operations and such.
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For weeks now, for whatever reason, MC7 has opted to fuck up my HD signal feeds on the Guide. (That, for those not in the know, is the listing for channels and what is on when.) It had duplicates for SyFyHD, ComedyCentralHD and various other channels. No idea what happened; they just appeared. And apparently, when they appeared, they also entirely decoupled the feed for Comcast, Digital, West Coast for those stations. Meaning, whenever the Guide data did its update magicks, it didn't actually download the data for those stations any longer. Hooray for no recordings for those stations, since the system rightly interpreted 'No Data Available' as NOT being The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, etc.

Courtesy of , a terrific website that gives all kinds of nifty tricks and add-ins and such for Media Center, I found the GuideTool. This allows you to find all the relevant possible 'feeds' for each channel, as well as mark up the guide settings for which channels to show or not show. With it, I was able to relink the channels with the right info. Why Win7 doesn't have such a tool by itself, I'll never know. Anyway, if anyone else has a HTPC, and needs such info, I highly recommend both sites.


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