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The last few days have seen marked improvements for Lamba. His staph infection is almost gone, his upset stomach seemed to be caused by a combination of the antibiotics and the rope toys that he was oblivating and then eating, and his energy levels & curiosity levels have returned to what one would expect from an 8 month old puppy. *sigh*

Well, overnight there was a light snowfall that stuck on the non-road areas. After a little accident in the apt. caused totally by me tragically, we went for a walk in the field behind the apartment. And my ghod, talk about giving catnip to a kitten. He decided it was DEFINITELY time to play keep-away with muzzles of snow. And that first time he tried, I'm not sure the field will recover very quickly from the 2' X 2' area of devastation where he grabbed for the snow, missed, and took a header into the ground, and then attacked it. ;) But really, what's more amusing than a dog that thinks that his keep-away with snow is going to last more than 2 seconds? ;)

Overall things are going great. I'm thrilled I got him, despite this week of turbulence. Now to just work with him for the next month or two on obedience and figuring out what foods he does eat, and what treats work especially well for training purposes.

P.S. Oh! Before I forget, Lamba also has his own email now as well. just in case any fans want to send him XXX pics. Remember, he's got a foot/shoe/boot and a WS fetish alive and strong. :)

on 2009-Feb-26, Thursday 03:54 pm (UTC)
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For training, I have found that clicker training works really well. You can get a clicker for less than $2 at PetSmart. The treats that I've had the best success with are the little dime sized treats from Trader Joe' can give TONS without worrying about Lamba getting fat :)

on 2009-Feb-26, Thursday 04:15 pm (UTC)
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*grins* Well, any of the regular cookies that might work will be broken up into pieces anyway. I would hate to have fat-dog syndrome like I keep seeing around the complex. It's just bad for them, and makes them lazy asses later on. :)


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